Monday, November 26, 2012

"Granny Pod" by "Medcottage", a VA company, said to provide an alternative to nursing homes

Frederick Kunkle has a front page story in the Washington Post on Monday November 26, 2012, “Pioneering the granny pod”.  A family in Fairfax County. VA has erected a separate small house for an elderly parent, complete with extensive medical monitoring equipment which family members or caregivers or visiting or remote nurses can monitor by secured Internet or other electronics.   The home is designed by a firm, Medcottagem in Blacksburg, VA, probably with the help of Virginia Tech.

The link for the story is here.

MedCottage calls itself “the affordable nursing home alternative”, with link here
“We Are Hello Studios” gives a tour of the cottage on YouTube.

Even through the cost of the cottage may be reasonable, the family still has to arrange (either do or hire) monitoring.  That usually wouldn't be covered by Medicare.  Maybe eventually the long term care insurance industry will support this. 

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