Tuesday, October 09, 2012

NBC revisits problem of disabled elderly drivers; when must adult children take away the keys? When must a physician?

Tuesday, October 09, 2012, NBC Nightly News revisited the problem of “taking the keys away” (even removing the car battery) from older drivers. 

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Five states (including California and New Jersey) require physicians to report stroke patients to the DMV’s, but there is no national standard of potentially disqualifying conditions for driving.

With my own mother, at age 95, in 2009, I was told I might be liable if I let her continue driving, after her stroke (in Virginia) and she had a wreck.  (She passed away at the end of 2010.) 

States do have various medical standards. Virginia has a rule that no one may drive within six months of a seizure of blackout, link

A list of AMA guidelines for physician responsibilities is here

AARP and AAA offer a link giving licensing laws for seniors by state here

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