Monday, October 15, 2012

Many seniors would pay more out of pocket under a Romney-Ryan "premium support" plan

Most seniors would pay more for premiums out-of-pocket in a voucherized system to replace Medicare with what might resemble today’s Medicare Advantage plans. 

Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar has a typical story in the Huffington Post, link here.  

A typical comparison would have to be made between today’s Part B Premium, plus typical Part B Supplemental (which tends to be reasonable if started at age 65 through AARP), plus Part D, and assume “free” Part A (almost, allowing for Part A deductibles largely covered by supplementals),  with the total premium for a voucherized system for all of this, minus the government voucher, which could be means-tested (it could be zero for some people).

The results came out to $200 more for many patients in Florida, $100 more for many in Nevada.
The latest Part A deductible sheet for 2012 is here

The study comes from the Kaiser Family Foundation, “Transforming Medicare into a premium support system: Implications for beneficiary premiums,” link here

The Associated Press supplied a YouTube video on President Obama's response to the Medicare premium support plan: 

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