Saturday, September 01, 2012

CNN Hero helps teens with eldercare responsibilities, to keep them in school

The CNN Heroes project, which will announce its awards soon on a special broadcast, has recognized Connie Siskowski, from Palm Beach County, FL, for organizing the American Association of Caregiving Youth, link here.

The CNN story by Danielle Berger, related Saturday afternoon by Frederica Whitfield, is here.  

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, in a paper by “Ignite Learning”, had reported on the problem of teenagers dropping out of school to care for ill parents (or other family members sometimes) as early as 2006, here

In 2005, the National Alliance for Caregiving had reported that 1.3 million minors were involved in caregiving, link here.

The film “October Sky” (1999) had presented the idea that a teenager should quit school to work in a coal mine to replace his father (as part of a boy’s “family responsibility”) when the father gets black lung disease.  This film was shown to a high school physics class when I was substitute teaching (in 2005).

The idea of kids having to drop out of public school because of illnesses of their parents sounds shocking and, frankly, outrageous.  How does this even happen?

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