Wednesday, August 15, 2012

NBC reports on caregivers: now 42 million in the US., a majority female; the "sandwich generation" may become an outmoded concept

On Wednesday, Aug. 15, NBC Nightly News (with Brian Williams) covered the issue of caregiving, saying that now 42 million people are involved in caring for elderly or disabled parents.  A majority of caregivers are women, and 63% spend more than ten hours a week (hands on). 

The broadcast ask, who will care for the cargivers?

When I was growing up, people did not live a long time once they were seriously ill as they can today. So filial responsibility was not conceived (in an intellectual fashion) as a potential moral issue the way it can be today – as was noted with an important case in Pennsylvania (May 23). The increase in Alzheimer's Disease with longer life spans will drive a lot of the need for hands on caregivers.  

There is often talk of the “sandwich generation” – heads of families caring for their parents, and enlisting grandchildren to do so – but in the past most caregivers were never married women.

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NBC gave an important resource from AARP, here.

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