Saturday, June 16, 2012

Washington Post columnist stirs reaction with opinion on sparing seniors over 55 from any sacrifices

Matt Miller has an important column in the Washington Post Saturday morning, “Young Americans get the shaft”, with master link (and thousands of comments already) here.  

Miller implies that there is no reason to coddle all seniors over 55 or already receiving benefits, because he says most are receiving more than what they put in. Even Rand Paul would protect current beneficiaries, he says.

Again, on social security, people should be guaranteed a fair actuarially supported return on the FICA taxes already paid (including those by employers, which otherwise could have been paid as wages).  But it seems hard to say just what that return is as lifespans increase.  In Medicare, however, seniors may have contributed much less for what they receive.  That was the case with my own mother (passed away at the end of 2010 at 97), and that brings up more arguments about filial responsibility -- but that can shaft young people further. 

Miller makes the point that money spent on seniors isn't available for shoring up infrastructure, which would help not only with more jobs, but would also provide more security (as to the power grid).  He also criticizes bloated military budgets. 

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