Friday, June 01, 2012

A couple more points about filial responsibility, FLMA, Medicaid

A recent booklet by Sarkisian and Gerstel (soon to be covered on my books blog) makes a couple of points regarding filial responsibility that I forgot to mention in my posts last month.

One if that the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993 does indeed mandate allowing employees to take up to twelve weeks of leave, although unpaid, from work to care for one’s own parents as well as one’s children.

Another regards Medicaid.  Of course, the “look back” regulations for accepting Medicaid (the number of years ago assets could have been given to potential heirs) are the more familiar way filial responsibility has come up in the past (until the reports about the cases in Pennsylvania covered last month).  The authors mention that Medicaid regulations do not allow immediate or even extended family members to be paid for hands-on caregiving help.

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