Tuesday, May 22, 2012

PA nursing home sues son under filial responsibility law for mom's nursing home care, and wins in court

A nursing home sued a man, John Pittas, for $93000 for his mother's rehab care in Pennsylvania, according to a story on CNN, which calls the "filial responsibility law" in Pennsylvania and 29 other states "obscure".

His mother has gone back to Greece.  She had applied for Medicaid, which has not come through yet.

The attorney says there was no "mischief" on this part, no spending down of assets.  He has other siblings in Greece.

In 2005, Pennsylvania moved the filial responsibility law from the welfare code to the family code.

The nursing home says it did not get proper paper work form the nursing home.

WTAE in Pittsburgh has this account here. The story says that the nursing home won in court, under the little-known law. 

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