Sunday, April 29, 2012

Washington Post columnist appears to support means testing for current social security retirees

Here’s another column “Fixing Social Security, the Right Way”, by Allan Sloan, in the Business Section of the April 29 Washington Post, (website url) here

Sloan offers analysis of the proportion that Social Security contributes to the net worth of people in different demographic categories.

He says that cutting benefits could be targeted demographically so that it doesn’t hurt the well off.  But this just sounds like means testing something that had become a “quasi-annuity”.

I checked on Wikipedia and Sloan seems to be about my age (I’m 68).  So he must think it’s OK to means test people already receiving benefits.  If so, I wish he was clearer about it.  

Of course, upping the retirement age for people about to retire soon, based on net worth or income, would certainly involve some selective "sacrifice". 

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