Sunday, April 01, 2012

Could Congress force people to buy Long Term Care insurance as well as ordinary health insurance?

So, here we go again.  If Congress can force individual Americans to purchase health insurance based on the “common good” (or the reasonable assertion that everyone pays higher premiums for the care for the uninsured), could Congress subsequently force people to buy long-term-care insurance, at least if they can afford it?  Would that be “forced commerce”?

There could be compelling reasons for such a “modest proposal”. The population is aging, and people are living longer with disabling diseases (especially Alzheimer’s).  Other family members must sacrifice.

One could even propose that if one does not have children and can afford to do so, one must buy long term care.  But then, in exchange for the mandate, would insurance companies be regulated as to “pre-existing conditions”, such as with pre-purchase medical monitoring or memory tests?  

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