Friday, February 17, 2012

"Taking the Keys" from elderly drivers

NBC Nightly News aired a short report "Taking the Keys" of adult children having to coax their parents to give up driving, or sometimes give up driving in certain circumstances, such as at night.

Some states are requiring retesting or medical histories of older drivers more often, and auto insurance companies are becoming more concerned about age as people live longer.

My own mother drove until May 2009, when she was 95.  I took away the keys when asked to after a mild stroke (and it apparently hadn't been the first).

Older drivers could start getting lost, or having more trouble merging lanes in heavy traffic (such as having to enter an Interstate from the left, common in older interchanges in the East).

Whether adult children who knew or suspected a hazard if they didn't act could be held liable (after a parent's auto accident) would be a vague and troubling question.  I've been told they could be.  Some lawyers will go after who has the deepest pockets.

I am 68 now, and my VA license expires in 2016.  What will I face then?

There is a tort of "negligent entrustment" that Nolo discusses here.

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