Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Should retirement condos offer (just) a "simple way to live"?

Today, I “happened by” Ashby Ponds and Erickson Senior Living near Ashburn, VA (link), in Loudoun County, more or less near Leesburg. My understanding that this is a normal condo community for age 62 and up, not a CCRC.   It may have a connection with the Methodist denomination, if I remember correctly.
What strikes me is the TV ad, “a simple way to live”.   At 68, I’d still like to “accomplish something”, not just “live”.  My own mother used to talk about the idea that “you can still live”.   Here, the word “simple” sounds like a downer.

I do understand, of course, the advantage of having all of the services, of being in an area with stable amenities, of no time taken in managing a house and property, and of living in an area where there are no trees to fall on the buildings in storms, and with underground utilities.  (The surrounding countryside, in winter when there is no snow, looks more like Texas than Virginia.)   In that sense, “simple” is good.

The website doesn’t give prices as far as I can tell – so it must be expensive. 

Not very far away is a training camp for the Washington Redskins.  A big white tent. 

Let me add, also, that when I lived in Minneapolis, I noticed that the Twin Cities seemed to have a tremendous concentration of 55+ apartment communities, more than the DC area. 

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