Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pew finds contrasts between Baby Boomers, Seniors on Social Security, also on political candidates

The Pew Center for Social Research has an interesting analysis on the attitudes of voting blocks, calling most seniors (66 to 83 and up) the “Silent Generation”, quite different from Baby Boomers  (47-65), early Middle Age or “Gen X” (30-16), and Millennials or “Gen Y” or “Young People” (18-30).  I’m not sure what happens with voters over 83 (there are a lot more of them).   The report (Nov. 3, 2011) is here.  

What’s interesting is that Baby Boomers are much more insecure financially than the “Silent Generation”.  So they oppose raising retirement ages for Social Security but think that means testing should be imposed now on wealthier seniors.  They are more likely to see Social Security as “welfare” even though they pay into it as it were an annuity premium.  How would they feel about Cato-style privatization?

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