Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Wal-tirement" DRIP's: they're not like i,v;'s, but you can do them yourself

The Washington Times today sent out an email (or at least an email was sent out in its sender name) talking about “Wal-tirement” and how to plan for your retirement without depending on social security or pensions. 
The company selling the product of easy automated stock buybacks is Stansberry Research (link), and the email led to one of those manipulate videos that keeps leading you on and that you have to click a few times to get out of.  
Here’s a discussion of  (Dividend Reinvestment Plans) DRIP investing at “Stock Gumshoe”  by Travis Johnson, link.   It sounds like something you can do for yourself pretty easily, not gimmicks or hucksters needed.

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