Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New site discusses history of assisted living facilities

There is a new site which gives a short but comprehensive history of Assisted Living Facilities, which started to develop in the 1970s.  The link is here
The story was recommended by email by Monica at the site.

The writeup talks about SNF’s (Skilled Nursing Facilities).  My understanding, from having worked on the New York State MMIS (Medicaid Management Information System) in the 1970s, was that SNF’s give skilled nursing care for people expected to get better (up to 20 days for full Medicare coverage and 100 days with Medigap), where as ICF’s (Intermediate Care) give custodial care and are not Medicare-covered. Many facilities offer both. 

But it is quite correct that Assisted Living facilities were developed to offer seniors with intermediate needs more privacy and more of a lifestyle. Some seniors carry on much of their former lives, and even have computers and Internet access.  Some are in AL for very specific disability-related physical care needs and can still function well or even have employment at home. 

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