Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Many seniors don't apply for Medicare on time, then go without insurance for extended periods

The Washington Post Health section today, in a story from Caroline E. Mayer and Kaiser Health News, reminds seniors that they must apply for Medicare “on time” to get benefits and avoid waiting periods without benefits.  Most seniors need to apply right at age 65, and supplemental benefits generally have lower premiums then.  The Post link (section E) is here. Kaiser has a copy of the article on its own site here  ("What Every Baby Boomer Should Know about Medicare"). It sounds surprising that some people were able to continue regular employee coverage after 65; most employers would try to get them over to Medicare.  I know that was the case with my own retiree health insurance. 

USA Today has a story Tuesday about savings Seniors have accrued because of a 50% discount on prescription drugs when in the “doughnut hole” and other benefits like free annual screenings (I don’t seem to have gotten them without the Part B Deductible myself). Here is the link

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