Wednesday, July 27, 2011

An accidental meeting on Capitol Hill with a Medicare advocacy group

After visiting the Tea Party “rally” on Capitol Hill, I had lunch in the Capitol Visitor’s Center, and was joined by three women from a Medicare advocacy organization (and I cannot remember the exact name, it may be the Alliance for Retired Americans (link).  They were in town to lobby, but not specifically because of the debt crisis.

There was general recognition that major changes in Medicare and Social Security are needed over time. There was even an understanding that wealthier seniors could be expected to pay more for their own medical bills now, even if it meant they passed less on to their children, because inheritance itself has inherent moral ambiguities (but seems to escape the attention that taxes on the rich gets).  There was discussion that the problems could spill over into the area of filial responsibility. 

I found the business card from the meeting. Indeed, it was Alliance for Retired Americans.
It's noteworthy that the Cato Institute has suggested upping the Medicare deductible to $2000 a year, those saving billions and reducing frivolous use of medical care, but not means testing as such. 

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Humana Part D said...

I think it's just fair since wealthier seniors have more money than the middle class or lower class earners.