Thursday, June 16, 2011

As communities and states tighten driver's license renewal on seniors, some are left with few transportation options

The Washington Times has an important story June 14 by Audrey Gertz about the mobility of aging seniors, here, “Aging drivers have few alternatives for a car”.

A report from Transportation for America called “Aging in Place: Fixing the Mobility Crisis” notes that communities and states may start requiring more supervision of aging drivers, including more performance tests (parallel parking?) and evaluations of family members (which raises real questions for the childless – like me). At age 75, seniors start to have accident rates comparable to those of teenagers.  The report has this link

Seniors often live in areas with poor public transportation, and even those in major communities like CCRC’s require targeted assistance getting around.  The report ranked cities with poor access to public transportation. Atlanta was the worst.  New York City came out well.

At 67 I hope I have a little more time. 

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