Wednesday, May 04, 2011

AlterNet: Ayn Rand is dangerous to (unwealthy) seniors

Les Leopold has an article on AlterNet “How Wall Street and the Toxic Philosophy of Ayn Rand Are Destroying Our Retirements”, link (wesbite url) here.   It’s rather hysterical.  The article comes out as the movie “Atlas Shrugged Part I” makes rounds, and Leopold says that Paul Ryan is a disciple of Ayn Rand.  But Ryan, the last I heard (it’s funny how the pronunciation of his name slips into “Rand”) was willing to leave Social Security alone for a while, and just go after Medicare.

But there is something pernicious about this: it’s all too easy to tell a senior like me, without progeny to demand respect from, that “my turn is up.”  Make way for the next generation. The answer: “have children."

By the way, it wasn't Darwin who preached "survival of the fittest" as social policy, it was Spencer. (And the Spartans.)

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