Saturday, February 05, 2011

China may require adult children to visit aging parents; filial piety under review

China is considering a law to force adult children to visit their aging parents, according to a New York Times story Jan. 30 by Sharon LaFraniere, link here.  The story was reprinted in the Charlotte Observer and also got comments in the Huffington Post here.  

There was a strongly worded LTE today in the New York Times about filial piety from a NYC resident wit roots in China.

But China’s one child policy is undermining filial responsibility, as only children find themselves unable to provide for their parents and work in the cities.

Ted Koppel had covered China’s Confucian notions of filial piety in is Discovery Channel series “The Peoples Republic of Capitalism” back in 2008 (review on TV Blog, July 9, 2008).
The stories deserve comparison to policy in the United States, where 28 states have filial responsibility laws but almost never enforce them. But crimped state budgets could cause a change. 

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