Monday, January 31, 2011

ABC News has week long series on caregiving of aging parents and other relatives

ABC World News Tonight has started a roundtable, “’Families on the Brink: Roundtable Discussion on How to Help Aging Relatives” with Martha Stewart and Virginia Morris. The long article has some videos (“What about Mom and Dad”?)(, and the series will continue all week on ABC.  The writers are Margaret Ero and Enjoili Francis.  The basic link is here.  Diane Sawyer called this the “silver tsunami” and started by noting the lack of geriatricians and the lack of training, pay and respect for caregivers. Sawyer said that 70% of people who do the physical caregiving are women, and caregiving responsibilities can take ten years off a person’s life.

The link is here

It’s not just parents, it’s all relatives, including siblings. 

Stay tuned to this series.

I’ve just been through my own experience with this, with my own mother, who passed away Dec. 14, 2010 at age 97 after a long decline.   More details will come later. (See my review of "Biutiful" on my movies blog today, with its curious plot twist concerning caregivers, and Dec. 21 on my main blog.)

Update: Friday Feb. 4

The last installment focused on caregivers, and on efforts to keep seniors at home longer, with entities like "Home Instead" and "Villages".  Many times seniors can stay "home alone" with intermittent hired senior companions who receive small stipends.  But the problems get much more complicated than that, as I will cover in detail later. 

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