Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Public employees double dip into pension, unemployment; is this wrong?

Red Tape chronicles published a story, linked from MSNBC this morning, about 20 public employees with huge incomes (for doing little or nothing) and huge pensions, while states face enormous budgets that could affect Medicaid and other services (as well as families indirectly, as we have pointed out here.) In California, a worker could quit, take his huge pension, get another job, lose that job, and collect unemployment too.

The story is here (authored by Bob Sullivan).

Actually, in Minnesota in 2002, I was told that I could not collect unemployment and severance at the same time, but I could collect the (private, not government employment) pension at the same time. However, I was able to start unemployment after the eight months severance ran out. When I read the rules myself later, it looked less clear. But there were situations where you could collect more mathematically if you waited until after severance to file.

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