Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Baby boomers have trouble finding good jobs in forced retirement

USA Today ran an article by Christine Dugas, a cover story on Aug. 10, “For Boomers, retirement jobs can be a tough fit: Many want to keep working, but options are often limited”, link here.

Indeed, a corporate-driven culture two decades ago of buying out highly paid and skilled workers in their 50s has become unsustainable and backfired. Many retirees do not have enough money to live expanded lifespans without slipping into poverty, and many will not have any health insurance (or be able to afford it) before reaching Medicare age.

AARP has teamed with some companies, like Home Depot, to hire more seniors.

There is a tendency to push seniors into “lifestyle” or sales oriented jobs, when some may have the wisdom that companies and government actually need in areas like intelligence, security and strategic planning.

Outplacement companies like to talk about "interim jobs" that become permanent. The prospect for baby boomers to become teachers has become guarded as school budgets suffer during the recession, but could improve again with some recovery or federal stimulus.

Think about the intelligence idea. Someone in his 50s or 60s with a lifetime of different experiences may be better able to “connect the dots” and notice dangerous developments than younger analysts. Do law enforcement and intelligence agencies realize this?

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