Tuesday, July 06, 2010

"Virtual Dementia Tour" used to train caregivers to walk in others' shoes

The Health & Science section of the Washington Post on July 6 has a piece (p E6) by Leslie Tamura, “Caregivers get a virtual feel for what dementia might be like”, link here.

At a Sunrise facility in McLean, VA, some employees (as well as the journalist) were given the Virtual Dementia Tour, where they put on special clothing including goggles, headphones (beeping white noise), corn-grain filled shoes and bubbly gloves to simulate the sensory handicaps that often come with aging. One of the effects is that under such conditions it is hard for anyone to remember precisely a list of tasks to be done.

The V.D.T. was created by P. K. Beville, at one time a clinical psychology post-graduate student who studied the relationship of caregivers to aging parents starting in the 1980s and has sold the kits since 2003.

YouTube video by VDTSWD

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