Sunday, July 18, 2010

Virginia pastor invents portable care hut as alternative to nursing homes

There is a new innovation in senior housing, the “Med Cottage”. This consists of a small dwelling unit constructed on property adjacent to a home with medical monitoring equipment to house someone in need of nursing care and keep the person close to family members. The main website is here.

This is the innovation of pastor Kenneth Dupin in Salem Virginia, and was reported by Fredrick Kunkle in the Washington Post on May 9, 2010, as for example here.

The idea is controversial with zoning in some communities. The portable unit can be constructed and placed for about $70000 or rented for about $2000 a month.

The idea works for families that already have a home and some cohesion and nearby presence. It is possible to hire outside companies to monitor the patient remotely.

It was also reported on p 6 of the July-August 2010 AARP Bulletin.


The Washington Post reported on July 21 on p A18 in a story by Frederick Kunkle about N2Care's housing units, "First MED Cottage jumps from blueprint into back yard; Va. company debuts prototype dwelling for sick or older relatives", sometimes derisively called "granny pods", link here.

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