Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Scams against elderly increase, among some contractors as well as within families; banks said to become more vigilant

Dan Morse has an important story in the Washington Post, “In D.C. and across the nation, scams against senior citizens are on the rise”, Wednesday July 7, link here. The report is in line with recent stories in the New York Times about financial institutions helping supervise geriatric care, and with the aggressive position taken by geriatric care management companies against elder financial abuse. Whereas earlier stories emphasized financial abuse from within the family, this one talks about phony contractors bilking seniors with shoddy work or fraudulent liens, in a few cases even foreclosures.

Banks are required to report suspected elder abuse (to state departments of Adult Protective Services, which protect legally incapacitated adults of any age) in the District of Columbia and 17 states, but these do not include Maryland and Virginia, where reporting is voluntary.

The story again mentions the notorious New York City Brooke Astor case.

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