Friday, July 23, 2010

Boehner's "Modest Proposal" on Social Security and Medicare (means testing?)

On July 14, I wrote her about Ohio congressman Boehner’s idea to means test social security benefits, and that to me leads logically to another question about Medicare. Indeed, we have a Modest Proposal, or maybe an immodest one.

For the very wealthy, one could suggest means testing Medicare, too (although I don’t think any European country does this), almost the way we do Medicaid (with the look-back-period laws).

But you could also look at estates and recoup a deceased person’s costs, according to some kind of formula with floors and rates, perhaps something built in not to penalize longevity too much.

But I don’t think European countries do that either. But logically, once you start means testing, you get into the “to each according to his needs” mentality.

I still remember the rants of the radical Left in the early 1970s (as with the People’s Party of New Jersey, for example) railing against “inherited wealth”.

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