Friday, June 11, 2010

United health Care/AARP explains Early Enrollment Discount Program for Medicare Part B Supplement; not available in all states

United Health Care Insurance Company has sent a letter to AARP Health Care Options enrollees who received the Early Enrollment Discount, including me, for Supplementary Insurance for Medicare Part B. I have been receiving it for two years, since July 2008 when I turned 65. (The letter mentions both Medicare Supplement and Medicare Select.)

The discount slowly decreases each year, but the letter tells me that in the coming twelve months the discount still averages 24%. However, it also warns that I must live in a state where the discounts apply. This list of states does include Virginia, where I live now.

The plan allows the patient to continue seeing physicians of his or her choice.

I don’t have the list of states where the discount applies, but if I find a link for the list I’ll pass it on as an update note here.

AARP also offers Prescription Drug benefits through Walgreens (meaning Walgreens needs to exist in your geographical area), and Eye Med Vision Care in some areas.

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