Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sharron Angle and the "social security and Medicare lockbox"

So what to make of the “rumors” that Nevada candidate Sharron Angle would “eliminate” social security and Medicare? Well, a closer look from a conservative site called “red state” says that she wants to put a “lock box” around the funds comprising contributions from workers already in the system, so that “Democrats” can’t raid it for other purposes, reducing seniors into bag people. But it’s true that she acknowledges the “Tea Party” – Cato – libertarian- conservative idea that new workers should control their own fates with lifelong private accounts, even for health care. Here’s the blog posting at Red State (web url) link

Huffington, understanbly, has another spin here.

Here is Sharron’s site.

Okay, I’m no longer violating FEC campaign finance rules by giving her link for free as a blogger.

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