Saturday, April 03, 2010

MetLife study predicts better times ahead for older workers by 2018. Explanation: demographics

The national unemployment rate for workers 55 and older reached 7.2% in December, which sounds lower than that for the general population. But better days are ahead for seniors, especially those in the 55-75 range, by 2018, according to a new study by the MetLife Foundation. That’s because baby boomers are retiring (some really want to), and there are demographically fewer workers.

The biggest demand will come in health care, education (the demand for teachers will recover as school districts settle down) and the environment. Many of the jobs will tend to emphasize “people skills” and personal contact, jobs that cannot be exported overseas.

The story by Elizabeth Pope appears on the AARP Bulletin, link here.

In the past, AARP has partnered with some companies, such as Home Depot, to hire seniors. The companies chosen are more likely to be in the hands-on, customer service business.

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