Friday, April 16, 2010

GQ has article on the Methuselah figurehead Aubrey de Grey: can man become immortal? Will the number of born souls max out?

The May 2010 issue of GQ has an article on p 140 by Chris Buck, “Life begins at 140”, about the work of Aubrey de Grey on extending human life spans essentially into immortality. GQ apparently hasn’t posted it online, but there is a similar story by Alex Madrigal at Wired in 2008, “The Fight to End Aging Gains Legitimacy, Funding,” (web url) here.

One can peruse the challenge from the Methuselah Foundation to find the solution to organ failure, here.

Evolution would say that there is very little reason for us not to age once we pass our reproductive years. Longevity is a scientific and cultural choice, based on all kinds of genetic and mitochondrial and interstitial therapy, as well as lifestyle. Buck argues that we could some day be aiming toward a world where we do not procreate, where there exists a finite number of instantiated souls (with a java constructor for each one). Even now, there are (mathematically) more people who have lived than who are on Earth today (so we don't reincanate eveyone).

I had reviewed Barbara Walter’s “Live to be 150” on my TV blog on April 1, 2008. Walters is a very vigorous 80 herself now. Queen Elizabeth II turns 85 soon.

Does GQ suggest that cover boy Jake Gyllenhaal (the Pie Charts man) can become a Methuselah? The GQ article gives some time lapse photos of de Grey up to age 500. But a time lapse of how a man ages, maybe with one year for every ten seconds, would be a provocative video to watch.

The May/June 2010 AARP Magazine has a cover story "Get healthy with Dr. Oz" on p 34. Longevity with vigor is presented as a matter of lifestyle and "Blue Zone" personal habits.

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