Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Americans born today have a life expectancy of 78 years, with a recent growth of several months, according to a new CDC study described in this ABC video.

Bradley Blackburn has a story on ABC today to the effect that some groups of Americans are a full century ahead of the poor on quality of life and longevity, with the link here. The study came from the a report called “A Century Apart” from the American Human Development Project, here.  Upper income Asians in some parts of the country (such as New Jersey) fared the best in longevity; black men in poor areas and Native Americans in some rural areas fared the worst.

The National Institutes of Health issued a disappointing report today on progress in preventing Alzheimer’s Disease, which increases as people live longer. Various vitamins and supplements seem to make little difference. Today there are 5 million people with Alzheimer’s, which has risen to the seventh leading cause of death.

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