Saturday, April 17, 2010

AARP points out that many veteran seniors may be missing out on benefits due them

Seniors who are military veterans, even those who did not serve in combat, may be in line for a surprising potential list of benefits, particularly if their income is now below certain threshold levels, according to a major story in the May/June 2010 AARP Magazine by David Lindorff, “Giving Back to Vets”, p. 28, link here.

Some of the points include the fact that service disability compensation does not require that the injury have occurred in combat and is unrelated to current income; low-income veterans can qualify for pensions with surprisingly liberal rules about deductions; and eligibility for health care in VA hospitals is not limited to those who served during wartime. Also, low-income senior or disabled veterans may qualify for assistance with in-home care or assisted living, and even prescription drugs.

The VA's home page for benefits eligibility is here.

Eligibility for veterans benefits probably could be seen as point to unequal treatment of LGBT people (or even of women). However, over the decades encompassing WWII, Korea and Vietnam, leading into present day, many LGBT people served uneventfully in the military, long before the issue became politicized.

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