Monday, March 08, 2010

State budget cutbacks jeopardize in-home care for some seniors, possibly backfiring by increasing Medicaid nursing home costs

Here’s an important AP story, dated today, March 8, republished on MSNBC, by Stephanie Reitz, about how seniors may be forced into nursing homes (sometimes under Medicaid) because states have been cutting programs for in-home care. The link is here.

The article discusses Connecticut as an example, with a surcharge being imposed.
In-home care typically costs less than $20000 a year, whereas nursing home care is often over $70000 a year. However 24 hour inhome care may cost more than nursing home care.

States could find they are paying more for nursing home care under Medicaid, a development which could drive some states to try to chase adult children under filial responsibility laws (28 states).

Medicare generally does not pay for long term care of a custodial nature. Medicaid does, given that the individual has less than certain resrouces. The topic (and giveback or lookback rules) has been covered on this blog.

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