Thursday, March 04, 2010

NY Times offers big timed advice on new careers in retirement, with emphasis on people skills

The New York Times, on Thursday March 4, offers a full section “Retirement” (link) with several important articles.

Some of the pieces concentrate on how baby boomer retirees should continue their careers. Steven Greenhouse has a cover piece “The Job You Make: older workers mine their skills and connections to go their own way.” Many of the careers involve people skills, especially mediation. Eldercare mediator, a professional who tries to settle family disputes informally before involving lawyers, and patient advocate are possibilities. Someone might, for example, become an agent helping arrange entertainers for nursing homes or assisted living centers.

Elizabeth Pope has an article “Matching life experiences with new careers”. Again, there is talk of “navigators, advocates, and coaches.”

Please, don’t suggest purchasing a franchise! I want to be my own brand.

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