Saturday, February 06, 2010

AARP: Grandparents making financial sacrficies when grandkids have autism

AARP has a particularly interesting story “Grandparents Crucial for Grandchildren With Autism: A new survey of grandparents who have grandchildren with Autism Spectrum Disorders plays a vital role in research,” by Amy Goyer, with the link here.

The Interactive Autism Network (link) did a study (of 2600 families) of grandparental involvement, relating the fact that grandparents are often the first to notice symptoms. Many lived near their grandchildren.

The story relates how grandparents are making sacrifices of their own retirement savings and borrowing money to help grandchildren with autism. That could greatly complicate things if the grandparents needs long term care themselves later.

The article discusses the range of presentations of “autism spectrum disorders” (or “pervasive development disorders”), including much milder forms like Aspergers.

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