Friday, January 08, 2010

Worker in St. Louis factory retaliates over pension dispute in very unusual and tragic outburst

A worker in a St. Louis plant that makes electrical equipment (ABB, Inc.), went on a workplace rampage with three weapons, killing himself and eight other workers on Jan. 7. The St. Louis Post Dispatch story bi Kim Bell is here.

The workplace case may the first ever case in workplace violence related to pensions. According to Bell’s news story, “Hendron is a plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit against ABB Inc., the Pension Review Committee of ABB Inc., the plan administrator and others. Hendron and his co-plaintiffs accused ABB of allowing the workers' pension plan to charge excessive fees and expenses to the participants, the workers, without their knowledge.” The pension plan had accumulated financial losses, and a trial had been held in Kansas City Jan. 5 and 6.

However, for a worker to take disgruntledness over a retirement or pension issue out on other workers is unheard of, even more so since the trial litigation had started. Much more “common” are incidents from people who have been fired or laid off.

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