Friday, January 22, 2010

New Bayer quick acting aspirin may unblock heart attacks and save lives

Bayer is offering a new aspirin formulation that dissolves quickly under the tongue, in the case that someone believes he or she is having a heart attack. There’s a Wordpress story on it here. They are called the Bayer Quick Release Crystals, with the company link here.

The Wordpress essay indicates that about 60% of people who have a heart attack (coronary thrombosis( in their sleep never wake up from the event, which becomes fatal.

However sometimes pain wakes up the person, when two tablets could be taken immediately while calling 911. Rush Limbaugh says, don't tough it out.

I’ve always wondered if a dream that you can’t come out of could signal the end – maybe not a good outcome spiritually. Maybe someone stays locked in the dream forever – in another dimension (besides space-time, physicists tell us there are 7 other dimensions we don’t use). Dreams are experiments; normally you can reverse what happens in them.

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