Thursday, January 07, 2010

"60 Plus Association": A "conservative" alternative to the AARP?

Here’s a group that bills itself as the “conservative alternative” to the AARP, the “60 Plus Association”, link here with introductory short video.

One of the major points on the site is that Congress will pay for health care reform on the backs of seniors, cutting back on Medicare (especially Medigap), and “play God” with eldercare. There is also a graphic on the website that says that the AARP is the “Association Against Retired Persons”. It also says that the AARP makes millions on royalties on health plans (Medicare supplemental and Part D, usually partnered with United Health Care). Yet the AARP insists that is it a consumer advocacy group, not an insurance company or a Blue Plan.

60 Plus President Jim Martin has a statement supporting the idea of making Personal Retirement Accounts (PRA’s) available for younger workers, here.

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