Monday, November 16, 2009

Retirement Living TV hosts "The Voice" hour on caregiving

The Retirement Living TV Network (link here ) has become available in many communities on Cable. In Arlington VA on Comcast it is Channel 175. It’s motto is “the Second Half of Life Is the Best Half of Life”. (No more final exams!)

On Sunday morning (Nov. 15, 2009) I happened to notice on my Comcast box that a program “The Voice” about caregiving would come on, just as I left for church. I recorded it. Margaux St. Ledgere hosted a forum on the topic.

One guest talked about her experience in an Italian-American family in the 1970s, before the term became accepted. The show said that 45 million Americans are giving unpaid caregiving, and the president has made November 2009 the month to honor them. The show also said that 40% of our nurses come from overseas.

The show provide a high-level discussion of the “powers of attorney”.

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