Saturday, November 21, 2009

AARP says the proposed health care reform bill(s) will help seniors

AARP stands behind most of the provisions in the health care reform bill recently passed by the House. The link (here) is called “Health Reform: Get the Facts: AARP is fighting for you”.

I’ve personally never liked the idea that I have to depend on any organization to “fight for me”, but many people are not in a position to speak publicly for themselves.

Some of the points AARP makes here should be noted. One of them is the closing of the “doughtnut hoe” (that is, “coffee cup handle) in Medicare Part D.

Another is to provide more help for elderly to remain at home. However, that provision provokes a paradox. That means a need for more home care workers, and the need to provide them health insurance at work. That degree of complexity needs to be thought through, given that the demands for eldercare are increasing so steeply with demographics. AARP needs to watch that Hospice funding does not get affected.

Picture: The “Before and after” for Medicare Part D

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