Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Seniors may have mandatory copayments on Medigap claims by 2015

Milt Freudenheim, in a column on p A22 called “Prescriptions: Making sense of the health care debate: A plan for higher payments,” link here. The issue is Medicare Supplemental insurance, often called “Medigap” (link) The Senate Finance Committee is suggesting that seniors make copayments on Medigap claims by 2015. The mandatory copayments woukd apply to all doctor’s visits under Medigap, to discourage overuse of services by some seniors, who are comforted by the “first dollar” coverage of most services under Medigap, with a net result of increased expenses to Medicare.

Caregivers are often quick to take seniors to doctors at the slightest problem, believing that it is their obligation to do so.

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