Saturday, October 03, 2009

People born today in US and Europe should reach 100

The Lancet has published a Danish study indicating that half of all people born in developed countries today will live to be 100.

The Lancet study was not available yet, but a related article in improving prevention of neurological diseases in the aged appears here.

In the spring of 2008, Barbara Walters on ABC, as well as PBS, aired specials on longevity, discussed here on the TV blog.

Conservatives will point out the dangers of “demographic winter” with a whole extra generation added to lifespans. Certainly this means that people must stay healthy and able to work longer, and employers must want to employ them, up to age 80 perhaps. It may have implications for our “social contract” and notions of family responsibility (including filial responsibility laws), even for the childless, both financially and emotionally. But some of the arguments can cut both ways.

Here’s a good piece by “benbest” on “Is longevity entirely hereditary?” (link).

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