Monday, October 26, 2009

AARP Medicare-RX sends out prescription drug change notices for 2010

Recently the AARP MedicareRx plans for Part D Medicare prescription drug coverage (in my case, through United Health Care) sent out 3-part packages to its members. The first document was an Annual Notice of Changes for 2010 (calculated for the subscriber’s location); the second was an Evidence of Coverage booklet, and the third was a 2010 Abridged Formulary, a partial list of covered drugs.

Premiums went up about 6.8%; for me, the coverage (in Virginia) went from $38.20 to $40.80. The copay for some tier 2 drugs went up; but for some tier 3 drugs it came down.

The Coverage Gap, or Doughtnut Hole, was the range $2700 to $4350 in 2009. In 2010, it is $2830 to $4550.

Beneficiaries can pay for their coverage by check, by automatic withdrawal, or (most often) by deduction from their social security checks.

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