Saturday, September 19, 2009

State Medicaid programs try moving people from nursing homes back into real homes

John Leland has a front page story in The New York Times on Saturday, Sept. 19, “States help aged leave nursing homes for homes of their own,” link here.

A few states, such as Pennsylvania, are trying to authorize the use of Medicaid for caregiving services for people who move back to private homes, where they will perceive that they have more freedom, privacy, and dignity. In-home care, if it does not have to be 24 hours, can cost states less than nursing home beds. But use of in-home care could become predicated on the availability of family members to share it, and it may be difficult to compare the cost to the taxpayer accurately.

In the news story, it seems that many patients who moved back in to real homes were relatively younger, and had some specific but treatable problems like diabetes.

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