Saturday, September 05, 2009

Obama announces new initiatives to make it easier to save for retirement: are they substantial?

President Obama today (Saturday, Sept. 5) in his weekly address, announced initiatives to make it easier for many families to save for retirement. The best source is the text of his address at the White House site, here.

The initiative would (1) facilitate automatic enrollment into 401K programs (2) help workers or families save their tax refunds automatically (including the purchase of savings bonds) (3) enable workers to convert unused vacation into retirement savings (4) simplify the language in tax saving policies.

The PDF file for the "Retirement Security for American Families" plan is here.

I like the name of the president’s site, simply “The Blog” (that's a "g" and not a "b"; no Steve McQueen or Paramount Pictures, please).

In the picture, I appear to be about three inches shorter than the president.

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