Thursday, September 03, 2009

More on how different states treat retirees

I see that I gave reference to the variations among states in retiree well-being in July 2008 with a Walletpop article based on Kiplinger, but I thought I should pass along the original Kiplinger reference for 2009-2010. Mary Beth Franklin is the author of the piece ”Tax-Friendly Places to Retire,” link here.

She lists the states with no state income tax, and two states that tax only dividend and interest income over certain limits. (Hint: Harry Browne, libertarian activist in the 1990s, lived and “retired” in Tennessee.)

There are some subtleties in how some states tax pension income, with regard to private v public employer pensions, and especially public employers in other states.

California is said to be a difficult state for retirees.

I can recall back in the 1950s through 1970s that my father used to subscribe to the printed, usually about 16-page, "Kiplinger Washington Letter".

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