Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Can heart pacemakers be jeopardized by household technology?

Does having a pacemaker (for arrhythmia, or some kinds of irregular heartbeat) make it dangerous to be around microwaves or household electronics? Generally no, although on major site says that the microwave should be operating properly. But the site says to watch for big electric power transformers outside, electric arc welding and working on an automobile ignition system (probably the computerized diagnostic system for cars with all its codes is no problem).

The site is called The Arrthymia Service: Getting a Pacemaker, web URL link here.

Although the operation is relatively simple, there are many medical contraindications.

The American Heart Association has a longer discussion of the issue here. Cell phones are safe, but there is concern that the industry could introduce new frequences that make them less safe. Anti-theft or security systems in cars and homes might pose a problem in some circumstances, as could MP3 receivers, as detailed there. The link is this.

Attribution link for p.d. Wikipedia picture of pacemaker insertion wound.

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