Friday, September 04, 2009

AARP compare positions of two Virginia gubernatorial candidates on seniors' issues

The AARP Magazine, for the Sept/Oct 2009 issue, offers an issues comparison of the two candidates for governor of Virginia: R. Craigh Deeds (D), and Bob McDonnell (R). According to this link, McDonnell, despite the controversy of a 1980s master’s thesis at a biblical college, leads.

Surprisingly, the two agree with each other and with AARP on almost all positions that affect seniors.

The issues were (1) that small employers should set up retirement plans for employees (2) universal health care, even if from the private sector (3) more support for delivery of long-term care services at home (4) legislation requiring financial institutions to report elder abuse to Adult Protective Services or to police.

Deeds says that he wrote the federal legislation that offers a $500 tax cut for family caregivers who keep relatives at home, although taking advantage of that requires some comingling that may not work for everyone. McDonnelll says that he hired a caretaker for five years in home (not every family can afford that) before “outsourcing” to a nursing home.

The website did not seem to have the full article online.

On p. 41 of the issue, there is a presentation on community service by seniors, "Cool Ways to Give Back". Some of these suggestions are more intimate or personal than what could work for me.

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