Wednesday, August 12, 2009

AARP offers memory tips for seniors (it's not just diet, but that matters)

The AARP has a nice set of tips “Get Brain Healthy” to help keep seniors sharp and forestall memory loss as long as possible in those who may be genetically predisposed.

The link (“50 Ways to Boost Your Noodle”) is here.

There are some specific dietary tips, about eating specific foods with anti-oxidants. Other evidence has surfaced that reducing cholesterol and living in “blue zones” where natural anti-oxidant diets seem to reduce the incidence of Alzheimer’s significantly, at least by statistical measures.

Some tips suggest that social interaction helps brain health, but so do brainteasers or games like chess, backgammon, Go, or some computer games. One wonders if music (especially classical music with its formal mathematical schemes of development) is helpful. Perhaps computer activity like blogging is helpful if it exercises memory (finding specific pictures in a photo album to use, finding specific news stories as references).

Will lifestyle changes really help deal with our demographic challenges?

As I just noted on my Books blog yesterday, Time has a new book on the Brain.

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